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Practical JavaScript

Build a strong JavaScript foundation for web development

Focus on what matters most, the fundamentals.

Mastering the building blocks of programming (such as functions, objects, and conditional logic) is your most important task as a beginning programmer. That’s because fluency with these core areas is absolutely crucial for everything you’ll do in any programming language, not just JavaScript. Frameworks, tools, and even languages come and go, but the fundamentals never change.

Learn the JavaScript that you actually need for web development.

Many books and courses like to focus on obscure or novel topics. They seem to think just because something exists, it should be taught. My approach is to instead prioritize topics based on how often they actually occur in day-to-day programming. In other words, I try to focus on the topics that you will almost certainly use every day.

It’s not just about code.

Along the way, we’ll talk about things that you’ve likely wondered about but never thought to ask. For example, you’ll learn how to ask technical questions, how to approach buzzwords, how to think about progress in a productive way, and why memorizing things is a fool’s game.

Instructor-led study sessions every week.

Every week, I jump on video chat and host a live study session that's open to everyone. It's a fun way to get your questions answered and also meet other students in the course. It also means that if you get stuck with something, there are no excuses. The responsibility is on you to show up, ask questions, and take ownership of your progress.

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Course Curriculum

  Interlude - Functions and variables
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  Interlude - Success is the process
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Your Instructor

Gordon Zhu
Gordon Zhu

Before starting in 2014, I was at Google, where I developed AngularJS applications for the engineering education team. During my four years at Google, I also worked as a product manager on Maps and did marketing for AdWords and TalkBin (a YCombinator company Google acquired in 2011).

I love teaching (even more than programming) and started way back in high school, when I walked around the public library asking total strangers if I could tutor their kids (yes, it worked). So if you replace the library with the internet, I guess I haven't changed much since then.

I work out of my apartment and local cafes in San Jose, California. Follow me on t can find me at @gordon_zhu or [email protected]

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