Experienced candidates

We've worked students with a wide range of past experiences. What they all have in common is a sincere desire to improve the quality of their thinking through thoughtful practice and nuanced feedback.

Obviously, for such students, simply getting a job is not a relevant goal. Instead they might want to access better roles that include algorithms-heavy interview processes. Other times, the motivation is intrinsic; students often cite a desire to produce simpler, more elegant code.

Common backgrounds include:

  • Professional software engineers
  • Self-taught programmers and bootcamp grads
  • Computer science grads (undergraduate and graduate level)

After reviewing your background, we may waive the introductory course requirement and written exam. This means you'll be able to skip directly to our live admissions interview.

Depending on your performance, we may also waive or accelerate additional requirements once you've been admitted into the program.

If you believe that you may qualify as an experienced candidate, fill out the short form below and we'll reach out to you with next steps. We'll also send you information about how other experienced candidates like you have benefited from our program.